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About Aurelien MANGANO

Empower International Leaders to find their True Professional Ikigai (purpose in life), Thrive & Grow their Career

I felt like I was the best employee that the company could have. I was doing all the right things and had exceeded expectations and over-achieving performances. I was still not getting recognized for promotion.

I look around for what I can do. It wasn't until I hired a coach that I was able to discover my blind spots.

As Project management is a very technical role, we too often forget our soft skills because we're focused on the project itself (Cost / Scope / Timeline). It was only through working with a coach that I discovered what takes you to the next level: leadership, communication, networking, and executive presence.

Thanks to that, I earned a promotion to Head of Automation (International Program Manager/ Director). I felt I had reached a summit in my career.

I know the journey is difficult, and I now help other professionals working abroad in North America to do the same things and get promoted or earn more.

So, you can:

- Increase your visibility,

- Lead with purpose and vision,

- Communicate effectively,

- Being seen as a subject matter expert

- Being invited by senior leadership (VP, C-Suite) to strategic meetings to influence the company roadmap

- Finally, be recognized for your efforts and be rewarded for them!

Do you want to have the same feeling? I can teach you the same skills as well.

This resulted in several great achievements in the last few years :

- One of my clients was looking for a position in their field in the USA coming from abroad. They were able to be hired in 1.5 months and increase their salary by 70%.

-Another one, was looking for an internship internationally and was able to be in the driving seat of a Canadian Movie Production company, organizing the events and making the teaser for the movies.

- I guide several professionals in their professional development and help them to find their purpose in life (IKIGAI) and develop their skills to be promoted to the ideal position in the company.

and a lot more to come!

Aurelien MANGANO - Certified Purposeful Career Coach

Meet Aurelien Mangano, an esteemed career coach whose methods have achieved remarkable success across diverse cultures, industries, and functions.


Aurelien's collaborative approach empowers clients to enhance their skills, foster innovation, and achieve personal and professional growth. With a track record spanning project management, college education, the energy sector, and cinema production, Aurelien's coaching has positively impacted lives in various domains.


Embark on a transformative journey with Aurelien as your guide, and unlock your full potential for success and fulfillment.

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Aurelien MANGANO helps you to:

  • Discover your IKIGAI (Purpose in Life) to enable the full potential of the individual

  • Develop your Executive Presence & Leadership to grow their careers faster

  • Improve your Personal Branding & Communication to find your ideal job

  • Identify your Emotional Intelligence level & develop it to improve your work performance & Social & Emotional Intelligence. (EQ-I 2.0 & EQ 360)

Executive Presence
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