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Science Behind DevelUpLeaders

DevelopLeaders combines cutting-edge in project management, leadership, emotional intelligence, Ikigai, communication, and career growth to empower individuals and organizations. Through evidence-based strategies, we help clients unlock their potential, navigate challenges, and achieve remarkable success in their professional journeys.

Leadership & Career Advancement

At DevelUpLeaders, our training programs are designed to support the leadership and career advancement of individuals. We place great emphasis on aligning our coaching, training, and development activities with the renowned Project Management Institute (PMI). By adhering to PMI's concepts and standards, we aim to assist you in nurturing your professional growth while upholding the code of conduct and fundamentals necessary for successful project delivery.


Furthermore, we go beyond project management and extend our focus to address your career advancement holistically. By collaborating with you on aspects such as executive presence, personal branding, and career goals, we strive to help you chart a path toward the career of your dreams at the earliest opportunity.


Emotional Intelligence

At DevelUpLeaders, we understand the significance of emotional intelligence in personal and professional growth. That's why our coaching and development programs prioritize the application of emotional intelligence principles, drawing from the highly regarded MHS EQ-i 2.0 assessment. By aligning our practices with this renowned EQ assessment, we aim to assist you in cultivating your emotional intelligence skills to enhance your overall well-being and effectiveness.

Through our tailored approach, we guide you in developing self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management competencies—the key components of emotional intelligence. By leveraging the insights gained from the MHS EQ-i 2.0 assessment, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your emotional strengths and areas for improvement. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate emotions successfully, make informed decisions, build meaningful relationships, and thrive both personally and professionally.

Cherry Blossom


At DevelUpLeaders, we embrace the concept of Ikigai and recognize its importance in personal and professional fulfillment. We believe that understanding and aligning with your Ikigai—your reason for being—can greatly enhance your overall satisfaction and success. Our approach integrates the four forces of decision-making: what you love, what you're good at, what you value the most, and what you can be paid for.

Through our coaching and development programs, we guide you in exploring these forces and finding the intersections that define your unique Ikigai. We help you identify your passions, skills, core values, and viable opportunities, enabling you to uncover your true purpose and design a career path that aligns with it. By aligning your work with your Ikigai, you can experience a profound sense of fulfillment, achieve personal growth, and make a meaningful impact on your professional journey.


Agape Ⓒ 

At DevelUpLeaders, we embrace the Agape model as a fundamental framework for business and executive development. This model guides us in aligning three crucial forces: Customer Experience, Higher Purpose, and Employee Engagement.

Firstly, we recognize the paramount importance of Customer Experience. By understanding and meeting the needs of our customers, we aim to exceed their expectations and create lasting connections. We believe that exceptional customer experiences are essential for sustainable business growth and cultivating strong relationships.

Secondly, we emphasize the significance of a Higher Purpose. We help our clients and executives uncover their deeper sense of purpose and align their actions and strategies accordingly. By connecting their work to a meaningful and impactful purpose, they can drive positive change, inspire others, and make a difference that goes beyond financial success.

Lastly, we prioritize Employee Engagement. We understand that engaged employees are the driving force behind a thriving organization. By fostering a culture of inclusion, empowerment, and continuous growth, we support our clients in unlocking the full potential of their teams. Engaged employees are more motivated, innovative, and dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

By applying the Agape model, we aim to create a harmonious synergy among these three forces—Customer Experience, Higher Purpose, and Employee Engagement. This holistic approach enables us to assist our clients in building successful businesses that prioritize customer satisfaction, embrace a higher purpose, and foster an engaged and fulfilled workforce.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

At DevelUpLeaders, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive training programs that empower individuals in their personal and professional development. Our focus extends beyond traditional project management, as we integrate the powerful principles of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) into our coaching, training, and development activities.

NLP is a transformative approach that combines psychology, communication, and behavior analysis to enhance self-awareness, improve interpersonal skills, and achieve personal excellence.


By incorporating NLP techniques and methodologies into our programs, we offer a unique and impactful learning experience that goes beyond conventional leadership and career advancement training.

I also incorporate The Dickens Process, popularized by Tony Robbins, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique for personal transformation. Inspired by Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol," it involves visualizing two paths—one representing your current behavior and limiting beliefs, the other representing a positive future if you make a change. By vividly experiencing the potential pain and joy associated with each path, you are motivated to replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones. The process prompts self-reflection on the costs of maintaining negative habits and the positive outcomes of adopting new patterns in both personal and professional life. It is a powerful tool for creating lasting change.

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